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Enemy Territory (Full install, Windows)

If you are a windows user and you want to install Enemy Territory to play on Punkbuster secured server,

the most easiest way would be to use Harlekins ET 2.60B Installer (253MB).


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b (no updates needed after install)

Additional Setup options:
Install current PunkBuster Client Version: (v2.254 | A1382) Server Version: (v1.809 | A1382 C2.254)
Check if etkey is needed and download from
Install PunkBuster service installer (pbsvc.exe)
Install Enemy Territory Minimizer (WinXP/Vista/7)
Install Start Menü shortcuts for ET, PB, Minimizer & Help Files



Simply download and run it.

All files needed to play will be installed without any manual involvement.

Download, install, play.