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Manual Installation

Manual installation of Punkbuster

Here we try to figure out how you can install Punkbuster for Enemy territory manually


Download the files for you operating system (unfortunality only Windows and Linux at the moment)


>>>>> Windows files <<<<<

>>>>> Linux files <<<<<

>>>>> Latest Mac files <<<<<



Windows XP Create a folder called "pb" in your game-folder (the one which contains etmain). Unzip the package to this folder.
Windows Vista to be written
Windows 7 to be written
Linux Create a folder called "pb" in your ~/.etwolf folder. Unzip the files to this folder.

Download the Mac version. Once youre done, go to finder>library>application support>wolfenstein ET>pb. Double click the .zip you downloaded. Copy the items and paste into the pb folder.


 The pb folder should contain:
a folder "htm", a folder "dll" and some dll (Windows) or so (Linux) files

 Now join a server with activated punkbuster.